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Low-Effort Pilot Valve Joysticks - Built using proprietary Step Bore Technology, our hydraulic joysticks provide up to 20 lpm flow with up to 50% less effort of conventional pilot valves, while maintaining precision hysteresis below 1%.  Learn more >

Compact Pilot Valve Joysticks – Our compact hydraulic joysticks are up to 35% lighter and 40% shorter than conventional pilot control valves, while providing the same flows and precision control.  Learn more >

High-Flow Proportional Cartridge Valves - Our direct acting high-flow proportional valves have 5 to 10 times the flow compared to conventional valves with similarly sized coils.  We use Step-Bore Technology and years of experience to attain this size and power advantage. Learn more. >

Low-Mass Check Valves – Our innovative low-mass design gives stable, low-shock control to solve a variety of hydraulic system problems. Learn more. >

Custom Engineered Systems – Our engineers are ready to provide a custom solution to solve your hydraulic control needs.  Our unique modular designs and design-to-production systems mean a quick turn-around. Learn more. >