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Low-Effort Pilot Control Valves


Through continued research and development, QP Hydraulics has designed the PVJS446, the premier hydraulic pilot control valve joystick for OEM mobile equipment such as cranes, wheel loaders, excavators and dozers.  Integrating engineering and precision machining experience enables us to include unsurpassed features while maintaining economical pricing.

  Feature Benefit
1. Step Bore Technology High-flow with low-effort for operator comfort
2. Flat-top plunger No side loading on seal for longer life
3. Cartridge design Low hysteresis and manufacturing flexibility
4. Spool dampening High-response with precision and stability
5. All-ferrous spool and sleeve No sticking in cold temperatures
6. Supply screen standard Insurance against field maintenance problems
7. Modular design Quick & easy modifications to meet OEM needs
8. Steel port plate Aluminum body advantage with full torque capability
9. Port adapter design Meet world-wide standards with lowered inventory
10. Integrated port check option Economical solution to provide stable load lowering